Number of children with toy-related injuries on the rise

Number of children with toy-related injuries on the rise

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - The countdown until Christmas has officially started, but for those of you buying toys for that special child in your life you may want to pay close attention to a new report warning parents about certain toys that may be dangerous to children.

Nationwide Children's Hospital says in 2011, a child was treated at the emergency room every three minutes for a toy-related injury and that number is on the rise.

Almost half of those injuries come from toys kids can ride on like scooters and bikes. Doctors say make sure they're wearing a helmet to lessen the risk.

Pam Fair with Safe Kids Columbus says you also want to  make sure the toys are age appropriate.

"This set of Legos says its appropriate for children ages 5-10 and the reason for that is they have very small parts and that could easily find its way in a toddlers ears, nose or mouth," she said. 

And what if your child is under the age of three? Fair has an easy trick to keep your child safe: "anything that would fit inside of a paper towel roll or tissue paper roll if it fits in and slides through then its too small for a child under the age of 3 so for example this Lego piece would slide straight through."

She adds to check the labels on toys for the correct age. And toys for babies should have sewn on eyes instead of ones with buttons that pose a choking hazard. 

The Public Interest Research Group is also speaking out, telling parents to be aware of stores that have not adopted policies on the toxins in products shipped to them. 

In all, 150,000 kids get injured by toys every year.

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