Most Wanted - Ruben Baxter murder cold case

Most Wanted - Ruben Baxter murder cold case

(WTVM) - It's a cold case murder that spans over 40 years, but the search for the person who shot Ruben Baxter to death continues.

Dec. 5, 1973 was the day Ruben Baxter's body was discovered lying on the floor of his paint and sandblasting business from gunshot wounds.

During the initial part of the murder investigation officers with the Columbus Police Department wasn't sure if it may have been a robbery gone bad.

"It didn't appear to be a robbery at the time, but this is now a cold case and we were not able to go any further to know if it was a robbery attempt, a burglary attempt that went badly or if someone just came in there and wanted to do him deathly harm," said Sgt. Donald Bush with the Columbus Police Department,

Sgt. Bush admits the older the case is, the harder it is to solve.

"A lot of the physical evidence is gone but we feel someone knows that little bit of information that can help us solve this crime. When we have a cold case crime we have to put it back out in the public and maybe somebody will remember something that may have seemed unimportant at the time but they remember it now and can lead us to solving this crime."

A horrific crime that took the life of Ruben Baxter leaving his family without their loved one and justice brought to the person who killed him.

"We continue to look for it, we continue to find that one lead to solve the crime because there is a loved one of Mr. Baxter who is still out there and we want to solve this crime."

If you know anything about this cold case murder, Columbus police would like to hear from you.

Although this case is 41 years old, Columbus police are still actively working to bring Ruben Baxter's killer to justice.

Call (706) 653-3188 if you have information that will help police make an arrest.

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