Students come together for anti-bully campaign

Students come together for anti-bully campaign

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) – Middle school students are using their talents to drive home a new anti-bullying campaign.

Fates Fortune is a local music group made up of middle school girls and activists against bullying.

Fates Fortune along with the help of parents are filming a video to use throughout Muscogee County to bring awareness of bullying in the community.

The anti-bullying campaign will be in three stages including creating awareness tools such as videos, visuals and music. The second stage is promoting anti- bullying in schools, churches and throughout the community.

The last stage and ultimate goal is to make this campaign a yearly awareness and create a safe zone for children of all ages.

Latisha Littleton, a mother a bullying victim turned activist, is directing a film on bullying.

"We want to make sure kids know that school should be a safe zone. This is a place to learn and not be bullied. It's okay to be different," Littleton says.

The National Education Association says 160 thousand children miss school every day due to fear of attack or intimidation by other students.

Fates Fortune is using their peers at East Columbus Magnet Academy to make the message real.

"It's really important because stuff like this can save lives because I almost committed suicide," Bullying victim Hannah Beasley stated.

Eighth grader Hannah Beasley says writing rap music helped her overcome the agony she suffered at the hands of bullies going back to the third grade.

Beasley is now standing strong and is playing a key role in the video.

This will be the first of many rallies in which entertainment artists will come together to help raise awareness among the youth.

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