Phenix Plaza facelift, owners share future plans

Phenix City revamp
Changes being made to revamp Phenix Plaza are underway. The W.C. Bradley Company is investing millions in the property in hopes of increasing traffic and revenue in the area. News Leader Nine's Tyrone McCoy had new details on what changes to expect.  

The Bradley Company plans to remodel the store fronts of the side facing 13th Street and level the vacant building near the parking deck to make room for more development. The businesses already in place, will stay for the time being.

"We're putting some new facade, new lighting, new streetscape, new parking lot. That's going on on the south side. On the north side of the property, we're tearing down the unoccupied portion of the shopping center," explained Matt Swift with the W.C. Bradley Company.

For close to a million dollars, the W.C. Bradley Company is revamping their more than $4 million investment - Phenix Plaza. The shopping center along 3rd Avenue will keep all of the businesses that face 13th Street.

"We have a current lease with all of the current tenants," Swift said. "We plan to honor those for the foreseeable future."

While the store fronts and vacant lot will be the biggest changes for phase one of the reconstruction, phase two could bring new businesses to the plaza.

"We are talking to a number of people -- restaurant operators, retailers, who've all shown a lot of interest in the river front property," Swift added.

The growing pains brought on by the reconstruction along the strip are stopping more than just traffic.

Swift said "the shopping center itself, the parking garage, Troy and the new 3rd Avenue improvements, it's kind of hard to finalize deals with particular people until all that construction is done."

Phenix City Manager, Wallace Hunter, explained "It's some great partnerships that we have entered into with some companies and it's working. It's a big deal for Phenix City."

The lot being leveled is expect to remain empty for most of or all of 2015. Swift says he expects the full Phenix Plaza Redevelopment, complete with news businesses, to be finished between 2016 and 2017.

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