Vets who prove PTSD can receive discharge upgrade

Vets who prove PTSD can receive discharge upgrade

(WTVM) – A new application system from the U.S. Army launched Thursday will grant upgraded discharges to veterans who can prove they suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder.

According to The Army Times, a new webpage has been launched to have veterans apply to seek an upgrade in punitive damages related to PTSD symptoms.

The webpage is a result of the Army Review Boards Agency, or ARBA, directive to correct previous incidents where soldiers were denied increased benefits previously applied for.

ARBA will be "liberal" with benefits, meaning, as they described, a "wide latitude and discretion to review and assess each case independently in order to correct errors and rectify inequity."

Vietnam-era vets have been able to receive similar benefits based on their PTSD diagnoses.

The Army could not estimate how many applications they would receive for this program.

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