Soldiers, vets line up to see 'American Sniper'

Soldiers, vets line up to see 'American Sniper'
(Source: Denise Mosley/WTVM)
(Source: Denise Mosley/WTVM)


American Sniper

, the autobiographical film directed by Clint Eastwood and starring Bradley Cooper, is garnering lots of award-season buzz, especially for Cooper's performance, and has military personnel and civilians alike lining up to see it.

The film will also likely be this weekend's big box office winner, breaking records with an estimated $90.2 million dollars in ticket sales over the weekend, breaking January opening-weekend box office numbers.

News Leader 9 took to the local movie theaters to find out if the military community feels the same way about this movie and others films, such as Unbroken and Fury, and whether they saw true-life depictions in them.

Maj. Steven Holmberg, a member of the United States Army, shared his thoughts.

"I guess any movie that has to do with the global war on terror, I'm just kind of interested in," Maj. Holmberg said. "I know there's certain entertainment value to movies, but this know, there's some truth to the story behind it. So I just thought it'd be interesting to get out and watch a good movie like American Sniper. I've been deployed a few times, once to Iraq and twice to Afghanistan, so I've seen the scenarios that this movie portrays."

So what is it about movies like these that pull on the heart strings of active-duty and retired military members alike? Soldiers said the simple answer is, "I can relate."

A World War II veteran at the movies also weighed in, saying, "There should be more people like Chris Kyle [the real life sharp-shooter on which the movie was based], he's a real life hero."

With such patriotism and passion surrounding American Sniper, it's no wonder the biopic is a box office hit.

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