Columbus settles dispute with former food vendor

Columbus settles dispute with former food vendor

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Columbus city leaders have settled a dispute.

City manager Isaiah Hugley says the city paid Centerplate $175,000 earlier this month.

The former Civic Center food vendor also paid the city nearly $39,000 in outstanding rental fees.

"We had a dispute regarding equipment and inventory," Hugley said in a statement. "We came to an amicable agreement; council voted to approve that agreement. We did a wire transfer and they did a wire transfer to us and the dispute was settled."

The city also paid an additional $2,300 in attorney's fees.

When dealing with concessions, vendors typically install certain equipment, for example, kitchen appliances. The companies invest half a million dollars for the equipment, in some cases.

Each year the equipment depreciates and at the end of a contract, the value may be $100,000 less than the original cost.

In the case involving Centerplate, the city and the company owners didn't agree on the actual value of the equipment Centerplate was leaving behind at the Civic Center when vacating the premises.

"This is the first time since 1996, when the Civic Center opened, it does not have a national chain," Hugley stated. "We are now going with local vendors."

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