Phenix City Mayor speaks at 2015 State of the City address

Phenix City Mayor speaks at 2015 State of the City address

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - "Phenix City is financially strong and moving in the right direction. It's a great time to live in Phenix City," says Phenix City Mayor Eddie Lowe at the 2015 State of the City address.

"We are extremely solid and performing well," Lowe says. "Are we there yet? No we're not but the key is this is a business and we got to make sure that the business is protected."

Overall the city has more than $40 million in liquid cash but the total city debt is around $64 million.

Lowe says the number one priority is to watch the money and keep the Phenix City residents safe.

"We came in saying we were going to be transparent and I think this helped solidify that by having them ask questions and put us on the spot and more importantly letting them see for themselves," Lowe continues.

Lowe says the highlight of 2014 includes the completed infrastructure projects in the city like the Marriott on the river, the zip line, Idle Hour Park and the redevelopment of the Phenix Plaza just to name a few.

"Which is huge and we've got to continue to capitalize off that but the main thing is we're hoping for a change in the culture and the mindset of the people living in Phenix City and that's part of the positively Phenix City," Lowe says. "For every negative thing someone says, let's tell them 10 positive things and that's what positively Phenix City stands for."

The council voted on and support recommendations from a charter review committee to improve their government.

Lowe adds that there are many streetscape projects going on in 2015, and some things residents are just going to have to wait for because they're not finalized yet.

"No we're not finished, we're not finished, I can assure you that," Lowe says.

Lastly, Lowe reiterated during the meeting that the residents and the city leaders are one moving from "Sin City to God's Country."

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