Magazine: Eating habits could make eating at home unhealthy

Magazine: Eating habits could make eating at home unhealthy

(CNN) – Is cooking at home a healthier option than dining out? That depends on what your cooking habits are.

According to a health article, unhealthy eating habits one of a few common mistakes people make while in the kitchen.

Be careful what you're nibbling on: cheese, nuts, or one, maybe two glasses of wine – things we all have done before.

According to a fitness expert in the article, recommendations for snacking before dinner are healthier veggie options, like bell pepper, carrot sticks or sliced cucumber.

If you must munch on the not-so healthy options, simply scale back calories elsewhere, like in the amount of olive oil you use in your dinner.

Time recommends limiting the carbs, especially if you won't be very physically active after dinner.

Basically, scale back on the pastas and add more veggies. Stay away from cheesy meals – people tend to rack up hundreds of excess calories by too much cheese in their meals.

Cheddar, for example, packs on four times the calories and nine times the fat of skinless chicken breasts.

Finally, according to the article, another way to stay away from unwanted calories, break that after-dinner dessert habit. But, if you simply must indulge yourself, go for a square of dark chocolate.

You can always make room for occasional treats by cutting the carbs in your meal.

For a full list of cooking mistakes people make, check out the article by clicking here.

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