New details in LaFayette Police Chief perjury case

New details in LaFayette Police Chief perjury case

LAFAYETTE, AL (WTVM) - There are new developments in the ongoing story of the LaFayette police chief who admitted to lying on the stand about documents he altered in his divorce case.

The mayor and city council are deciding what action to take, if any, against their chief. Now, the Chambers County District Attorney E. Paul Jones is also getting involved.

Jones says his office is looking into circumstances surrounding the chief's perjury admission and how it could possibly be used by defense attorneys to discredit vines if he testifies in criminal cases.

In September, LaFayette Police Chief Kenneth Vines took the stand inside a Chambers County courtroom and lied about altering documents in his divorce case.

This month, the judge ordered Vines to pay a $100 fine or serve five days in jail. He paid the fine.

The Plaintiff sent the court an unsolicited, written apology through certified mail on City of LaFayette Police Department stationary admitting to his deceit and fraud upon the court and apologized for the same.

LaFayette Councilman Michael Ellis says city employees have been fired for less and made a motion at the council meeting for Vines to be suspended with pay pending an investigation. Ellis says his motion was not supported by the mayor or council.

Mayor Barry Moody released this statement:

"Because of the serious nature and the newness of the information, the council and I deemed it wise to fully and carefully consider all additional relevant and appropriate information prior to making any decision as to the proper course of action to be pursued. That review began last Monday and is continuing and the matter will be addressed."

Jones says his office is deciding if Chief Vines' perjury admission could possibly impact the credibility of the Chief's testimony in criminal cases.

"I can confirm that we are looking at information furnished us by other agencies, but no firm decision has been made as to specific actions we may take," Jones said. "As to him stepping down, that's a decision for him and the City of LaFayette to decide. We will prosecute any criminal activity but his employment or lack thereof is a personal question."

We have reached out several times to Chief Vines for a comment on the situation, he has not returned our phone calls.

The next LaFayette council meeting is Monday. We could hear what the mayor and city council plan on doing then.

Councilman Ellis says he will again make a motion for the chief to be suspended with pay, pending an investigation.

None of the leaders of surrounding agencies regarding the chief's perjury want to go on the record with their opinions.

They will only say the three police departments and sheriff's office work very well together. However, law enforcement leaders are paying attention, and waiting to see if Chief Vines will remain at the police department.

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