Judge to decide if death row inmate gets new trial

'Stocking Strangler' Carlton Gary appears in court

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - A pre-trial motion hearing for a man accused of killing three women in the late 1970's, also known as the Stocking Stranglings, started Thursday in Muscogee County.

This hearing is to determine if Carlton Gary, a Georgia death row inmate should get a retrial after he is convicted of three 40-year- old homicides

Several experts were called to the stand to testify in the pre-trial hearing for Carlton Gary.

An orthodontist and forensic odontology testified on the gap in the teeth of gary; and this is because some of the victims he was accused of killing were bitten. The expert, Dr. Collin Holland Maness says it's more than likely he would not have that same gap from several years ago.

The second expert witness, Dr. Charles Felton a Podiatrist was questioned at the shape, size and condition of Gary's feet. Gary's wife stated the shoe print during the crime scene was not the same as the shoe size her husband wears.

Out of seven victims, Gary is convicted of raping and killing three women in the late 1970's.

Because of conflicting DNA evidence that was brought forth last year, the wife of Carlton Gary says there is now enough evidence to bring out the truth.

"Everything that has been tested and laid out except the recent DNA has been what the state person has said. Its not that we are saying this, you're person is saying this. And it does not match my husband on anything," said Debra Gary.

Court was dismissed shortly after recess ended at 2 p.m. Court will resume Friday at 10:30 a.m.

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