Better Business Bureau warns customers about new scam

Better Business Bureau warns customers about new scam

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - After millions were targeted in a possible hack on Anthem, the second largest insurance provider in the U.S., cyber criminals are taking advantage of those same consumers.

The Better Business Bureau is sending a warning to these customers,

asking residents across the nation to watch out for fake emails with the Anthem logo.

The emails claim to provide information about free credit monitoring, but they say this is also a scam.

Leonard Crain with the BBB said this is not uncommon, but there are things you can do to avoid identify theft.

"If you do get an email pretending to be from Anthem, don't click on any links in that email, just delete it. If you do open the links you can download malware that will capture information from you," Crain said.

Anthem, the parent company for Blue Cross Blue Shield, Unicare, Healthlink and several other providers said their customers' credit card and medical information does not appear to be compromised.

Hackers were able to access and likely steal tens of millions of records and personal information including social security numbers, birth dates and addresses.

Crain gives advice on what to do if you are hit with a cyber attack.

"There's a number of things we need to do to protect ourselves and that type of fraud, one of the things to do is to is file a fraud alert with the credit reporting agencies, you can also freeze your account," Crain said.

Anthem said they're not calling members or asking for any personal information.

Their customers will be contacted through the mail about the attack and how to sign up for free credit monitoring.

You can sign up starting Friday February 13 at

Click here and here for additional information. 

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