Meet N'Zier Bohannon, a nominee for the Boys & Girls Club Youth of the Year

Nominee for Youth of the Year

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Growing up the oldest of five siblings wasn't easy for N'Zier Bohannon, but he found the attention he desired at the Boys and Girls Club in Columbus.

"My favorite thing about being at the Boys and Girls club is the love and acceptance that they offer us because if we are going through any problems or struggles they are there for us and they show us that they really do care," Bohannon stated.

Joining the organization was a life changer for 17-year-old Bohannon, but against all odds he is growing and being trained for the Youth of the Year competition.

He continued, "It has impacted me a lot really because I came here and I wasn't like the best kid, I was one of the bad kids I would stay in trouble and stuff like that, but instead of them blaming me they were able to talk to me over and over until they were able to enforce it in my mind that this is not the type of person I should be."

Now you can find Bohannon working with the kids and being a role model at the club. He feels like the kids he mentors are like his brothers and sisters and he enjoys spending time with them.

N'Zier will be graduating in May with plans of attending college to become a computer technician. He says fixing computers has always come easy for him.

The Boys and Girls Club is making a difference in the life of Bohannon and he encourages other kids from all over to join.

"All I can say is that the club is amazing and I am glad that I joined."

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