Be There: Kendrick High School's Literacy Alliance

Be There: Kendrick High School's Literacy Alliance

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Kendrick High School is doing its part to make sure students understand the importance of reading.

If you're wondering why the parents are wearing masks, it's for a good reason.

"The techniques to good reading have been masked and tonight we want them to learn how to unmask and uncover that mask," said Annie Phillips, English Chair at Kendrick High School.

Phillips says it's all about becoming proficient readers.

"When students can't read and they don't read well… they have a mask and it's covered," Phillips said.

Phillips said literacy is more than just about reading...

"It has five components: reading writing, listening, speaking and also viewing," Phillips said.

Retired principal Vanessa Biggers offered some advice as the guest speaker.

"We as parents have to remember that we are our child's first teacher," Biggers said.

The audience also watched a video on Lexile score, the district's measuring tool to determine a reader's proficiency.

Kendrick High School also has an elite literacy society club students can participate in.

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