Phenix City council approves resolution

Phenix City council approves resolution

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - The Phenix City Council approved a resolution Wednesday night to ensure the city's emergency communications system has access to other systems across Alabama.

The resolution authorizes the mayor to enter an agreement with Calhoun County 911 district to connect the city's communications network with the statewide radio system.

This would give Phenix City agencies and first responders the ability to communicate with their counterparts as far as Huntsville and even Mobile.

This is a communications upgrade that law enforcement officials have been waiting for.

"This type of system, what it does, it operates similar to cell phone. You would be able to program hundreds of thousands of radio frequencies into subscriber a police radio and you would be able to communicate with police and fire first responders all cross to the state in times of emergency," says Raymond Smith, Phenix City Chief of Police.

It will cost the city a little more than $19,000 annually to access other emergency communication systems in Alabama.

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