Military film focused on suicide prevention up for Oscar win

Military film focused on suicide prevention up for Oscar win

The HBO produced documentary

Crisis Hotline: Veterans Press 1

has lots of our local military keeping an eye on this film.

Crisis Hotline

is about a 24-hour call center for troubled veterans, servicemen and families.

The 40-minute film is set on a Department of Veterans Affairs Center in New Jersey. It highlights the persistent and troubling lives devastated by war and to the point of suicide.

Staffers at the VA suicide hotline center take over 1,000 calls from service members on the brink of self destruction. Viewers say the film may help those going through a troubling experience.

"Hopefully they win, but even if they don't at least it lets people recognize and let them know this is not just a small problem that people are dealing with. It's a major issue. It's not so much a win -lose if you will, for them its a win-win, because they need to get the news out there that these people need help,"said Joshua Berry.

"It's a long time coming, it should have been out years and years ago. I had an uncle who went off to war and he came back a totally different guy and it was basically because there was no one for him to talk to," said Dimitri Berry.

Those who work at the call center say they are putting in extra staff for the Oscars in case more calls are generated from the buzz of the movie.

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