Report: College, high school grads break even in income

Report: College, high school grads break even in income

(WTVM) - The job market is improving for college graduates, but certain college majors barely earn more than high school graduates.

An annual report from the Georgetown University Center on Education and Workforce found that college is still worth the cost for most students, except for those who majored in architecture or the social sciences.

Students who majored in science, technology, engineering, and math earned on average $57,000 more per year than those with a high school diploma.

College was least economical for people who majored in arts, psychology, or social work. Their average salary was $31,000 per year, just $1,000 more than the high school diploma earner.

According to the report, unemployment rates for recent college graduates are the lowest for agriculture and natural resources majors (4.5 percent), physical sciences (5 percent), and education (5.1 percent). The majors with the highest unemployment rates are architecture (10.3 percent) and arts (9.5 percent).

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