Columbus Public Library screens "The Phenix City Story"

Columbus Public Library screens "The Phenix City Story"

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - The Columbus Public Library held a special screening Tuesday night for a film that explores Phenix City's dark past.

The film titled "The Phenix City Story" focuses on the murder of Albert Patterson who was elected as the state's attorney general.

In the film, Patterson promises to restore law and order to the crime-ridden city. Soon after he was elected, Patterson was killed by mobsters.

One expert who has written about the history of Phenix City was at the viewing.

"I caution about the film, it's not very accurate but it's important that they see a general idea," advised historian Alan Graddy.

Following Patterson's death, the Alabama National Guard came in to clean up the illegal alcohol, prostitution, and gambling that had plagued the city for decades.

"The Phenix City Story" is available on DVD.

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