Turnaround Columbus takes our youth to Selma

Turnaround Columbus takes our youth to Selma

SELMA, AL (WTVM) - Hundreds of Columbus residents took a journey on coach buses to Selma, Ala. this weekend, including six young boys.

Ronzell Buckner, the director of Turnaround, mentors the youth of the valley in hopes of making them great citizens in the future.

"We carried them to see the movie about three weeks ago, it's very important that our kids understand the history and also understand the sacrifice made for them in order to achieve," Buckner said.

"It was a good movie but it was sad and stuff because people had to get beat for our rights and now today we can walk across the bridge without getting beaten," said one of the boys.

On the trek Bucker stopped at any chance to educate the boys.

Then we marched across the Edmund Pettus Bridge with tens of thousands of other people of all colors, races, ages, and creeds.

Immediately after the march across the bridge, the boys told us they were proud to be able to be a part of history.

"My experience today was about how we walked across the bridge and nothing happened because of the people who died for us along time ago," said another boy.

"I'm feeling powerful because people risked their lives for us," said another boy.

"It was a mind-blowing experience. It's like you cannot believe what you really see I've never seen that many people before all for one event," Buckner said.

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