Mercer medical students matched with residency programs

Mercer medical students matched with residency programs

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Friday, March 20 was Match Day for 13 Mercer University Medical Students in Columbus.

Match Day is a nationwide event for senior medical students to find out what residency programs they will enter following graduation.

The students gathered at the Midtown Medical Center with envelopes in hand, which contained their residency matches.

"Match Day is the day that we find out," explained medical student Whitney Bond. "We go through 4 years of Medical School after undergrad and then we find out what specialty we actually matched into, so Family Medicine, OGBYN, or whatever it is, and today is the day you find out not only what you matched into but where you're going also, so it determines the rest of your career."

Some senior medical students are unsure of their residency programs until Match Day.

Congratulations to those students!

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