D.O.T officials urge drivers to keep an eye out for work construction zones

D.O.T officials urge drivers to keep an eye out for work construction zones

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - We drive through work zones all the time and sometimes without even slowing down.

Construction work zones can be a pain for drivers, but the Georgia Department of Transportation wants them to be patient.

"We're about to start out highway construction season where you will have a lot more construction work on state routes," Kimberly Lawson said, Georgia Department of Transportation.

From March 23 until March 27 is Highway Work Zone Safety Awareness Week in Georgia which is held every spring for the last 41 years. It's focus is to stress safe driving in construction zones. Drivers say they try to keep distractions to a limit when going through a work zone

Ebony Coffee explains "Drive very slow, cautious. Be aware of what's going on around me."

"I just make sure I keep my eyes forward and I don't look around all over the road," Jason Roberson said.

Since 1973, 57 Georgia DOT workers were killed by drivers in work zones. Last year 20 motorists lost their lives while driving through construction zones. In 2013, there were 17. Some drivers have a solution to help decrease those numbers.

"Well basically if you're in the area where there is a lot of construction, I think it would be best to pull over and re-direct your navigation system. Therefore you'll still get to where you are going quicker. Just a different route," Margaret Banks stated.

Georgia Transportation officials also use caution signs like these to help eliminate work zone accidents for drivers in the general public.

"Yes, it does but it still does not eliminate the inconvenience, especially for morning commuters," Banks said.

As traffic increases during warm weather, expect the unexpected, like paying attention to cones, barrels and workers can save your life on the roads.

Georgia DOT officials say no workers were killed in the last five years in construction work zones.

The Georgia Department of Transportation have some tips to practice safe driving, especially in work zones such as: obey the posted speed limits, be alert for workers and dangerous conditions, plan a different route if possible to avoid work zones and of course always wear your seat belt.

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