Little Big Town single criticized for presumed pro-LGBT lyrics

Little Big Town single criticized for presumed pro-LGBT lyrics

(WTVM) – The popular country music group Little Big Town is receiving some backlash from their latest hit single, with some fans saying the lyrics push a pro-same sex couple agenda.

The track, entitled Girl Crush, is about a woman who's envious of her ex-boyfriend's new lover, and has shaken up country radio in recent months. The chorus of the song goes, in part:

I want to taste her lips/Yeah, 'cause they taste like you/I want to drown myself/In a bottle of her perfume/I want her long blonde hair/I want her magic touch/Yeah, 'cause maybe then/You'd want me just as much/I got a girl crush

"Would you be surprised to hear that I have fielded more angry phone calls and emails on this song in all my years in radio…and it's been a few," Idaho county radio DJ Alana Lynn wrote in a February 2015 post.

The song, released in December 2014, has been a big hit on iTunes and other online-streaming services, but is seldom played on county radio and is barely cracking the Billboard Top 30 Country Airplay charts. But the group, whose most popular song was the summer anthem Day Drinking, did not think it would receive this type of backlash, just turn a few heads.

But Alana Lynn isn't the country radio DJ who's fielded complaints about the song. Several country radio stations across the country have pulled it from its regular rotation, according to The Washington Post.

But several country music radio programmers, directors and one popular syndicated DJ have come out to say they find the controversy ridiculous, and people should have an open mind for the lyrics of the song.

"It is a jealousy song, lyrically-crafted by an obvious wordsmith and something of a genius," one radio program director said anonymously. "I think LBT knew this would be the reaction of many. What they couldn't have predicted, and neither did I, was that people would still complain about the song's 'obvious' lesbian meaning. What? Did you listen to the song all the way through? Do you not like songs about women being jealous of a mistress? This is the foundation of female country music subjects most of the time."

This isn't the first time recently that a gay theme has been perceived in a song and taken out of rotation; Kacey Musgraves' Follow Your Arrow was also criticized because of the reference to kissing a girl "if that's something you're into." Despite the song not being warmly received by country radio in 2013 and 2014, Musgraves' album Same Trailer Different Park was critically-acclaimed.

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