Zikarious Flint's family wants answers 1 year after death

Published: Mar. 30, 2015 at 12:35 PM EDT|Updated: Mar. 31, 2015 at 12:35 AM EDT
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COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - A Columbus family is again seeking answers one year after Zikarious Flint was shot and killed by a Columbus State University police officer.

Flint was shot in the back and neck by CSU Officer Ben Scott. Police say Flint was running away from them on campus.

The family held a news conference at the Columbus Public Library on Monday, March 30 to get more information about his death.

"Before we knew about Michael Brown or Eric Garner, Zikarious Flint was fatally shot by officer Ben Scott," said attorney Katonga Wright of the Wright Law Firm speaking on behalf of the Flint family.

Wright said they want District Attorney Julia Slater to turn over the GBI report handed to her last August.

Officer reports indicated a gun was found near the victim's body at the scene.  

"Since then, the Flint family has been troubled and grief-stricken, as they try to piece together why it was necessary to shoot their son as he ran away from police that day," explained Wright.

"I think it's just another memory of the Tony Carr case being dredged up", stated Teresa El-Amin of the Southern Anti-Racism organization from the audience during Monday's press conference.

In that case, the family waited for more than a year before Carr's name was cleared in the MEA Federal Credit Union fatal robbery in 2011. 

"I think there are things the community can do to let Slater know please do your job... it's been too long... she's had the report for too long," added El-Amin.

Wright also mentioned statements from Zikarious' girlfriend who witnesses the horrible shooting. 

"She said she never saw Zikarious with a gun. She described seeing the officer draw down his weapon and fire one shot that must have hit him in the back because she described him as being able to stumble and the fatal shot," Wright said.   

Flint's parents and other family members sat on stage wearing black t-shirts that read "Justice for Zykerious Flint." 

In a previous interview, Flint's mother Shamanique Flint spoke on how she felt she hasn't had any help in the investigation of her son's death.

"I feel like my community has turned their backs on me. I feel like the officials in this city have turned their backs on me," Shamanique said.

Shamanique maintains her son did not have a gun. People invited to the news conference include District Attorney Julia Slater and officials from CSU.

In a released statement on Monday, Slater said she received an invitation to attend the press conference on Sunday, but cited a schedule conflict as her reason for not attending.

Slater's statement is as follows:

"I appreciate the invitation to comment on the incident which occurred on the campus of Columbus State University on March 30, 2014. Unfortunately, because of the status of the case and the Georgia Rules of Professional Conduct for attorney, there is little I can say about the incident. The DA's office is critically reviewing the file and no decision will be made until all leads have been followed and exhausted."

Scott returned to the force from administrative leave in August 2014 and has no restrictions in his duties as a campus officer.

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