Ask News Leader 9 Tax Experts phone bank

ASK NEWS LEADER 9 - Tax Experts

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Doing your taxes can be confusing and costly, but News Leader 9 offered some free advice to taxpayers today, April 1.

A group of local tax professionals stayed busy during our "Ask News Leader 9" phone bank. They fielded about 200 calls in 90 minutes time at WTVM, just in time for some of our viewers, who now have less than two weeks to file their taxes.

"If you try to get through to the IRS now, in the month of April, you're looking at hours of waiting time, so this has been very, very helpful to this community," says tax preparer Elizabeth Demunn.

These 6 employees of Supreme Fast Tax, on Wynnton Road in Columbus, also talked to callers about what they can do now to save money on the taxes they file next year.

The calls were mostly legitimate tax concerns, but some callers had bizarre requests for advice.

"Out of the blue things like can they file their dogs - not allowed. Other than that, it's been common questions like social security income, retirement income," says Supreme Fast Tax assistant manager Chauncey Wills.

Just as a disclaimer, the advice given by these tax experts is solely their responsibility and not the advice of the owners or employees of this TV station.

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