Study shows importance of spending quality time with your kids

Study shows importance of quality time with your child

(WTVM) - Making time for your children is important to any parent, but it can be difficult with all the demands of work and life.

However, the quantity of time you spend with your child may not be as important as once thought.

There is no doubt that parents need to spend time with their kids, but according to this study from the Journal of Marriage and Family, it is not about how much time you spend but the way you spend that time.

The study discovered that the number of hours a parent spends with their child has almost no impact on how that child will turn out. That includes how well they will do in school, their behavior, and their overall well being. What does matter is how you spend time with your child.

The study actually determined that if a mom or dad is frustrated, stressed, or sleep deprived during the time they spend with their child that could be harmful to a child's development.

Parents who take the time out to read, share meals, and spend one-on-one time with their child in a positive environment, the better off their child will be.

The authors of the study told the Washington Post that they hope this information helps parents stop feeling guilty about how little time they may be spending with their children.

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