Yes, the tablet selfie stick exists

Yes, the tablet selfie stick exists

(WTVM) – Just when you thought people were getting the right idea by banning selfie sticks for smartphones from concerts and museums, someone creates a selfie stick specifically for tablets.

Birthed out of the age of selfies, the 2014 invention of the selfie stick for smartphones was a big hit. The selfie stick allows people to take group or solo photos hands-free using their smartphones. Now, this quirky device can accommodate tablets.

With the tablet selfie stick you will never miss a photo opp. The device comes with an attachment that wraps around your tablet and connects to the selfie stick via a tripod mount.

The tablet selfie stick is being sold on the online store Accessory Geeks for $18.99.

Using a selfie stick is simple: it can be extended up to three feet in the air to best accommodate the self-we, or a group shot with all of your besties. Peta Pixel reports that a generic device can be purchased for about $20.

According to inSing, selfie takers have "declared the selfie stick to be one of the 25 best inventions of 2014." People who have not yet joined the selfie craze, "criticize it for feeding into the [monster of a] fad and promoting narcissism."

It's been a big few years for the selfie: in 2013, it was named the Oxford Dictionary "Word of the Year" and everyone from toddlers to celebrities love taking pictures of themselves.

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