Opelika High School participates in ' Project Lead the Way'

Opelika High School participates in 'Project Lead the Way'

OPELIKA, AL (WTVM) – 3D printers are revolutionizing the way things are made and Opelika High School is bringing this $38,000 equipment it into the classroom.

This is all part of the systems Project Lead the Way curriculum which focuses on unique and high tech learning experiences for students.

Inside Opelika High School's engineering computer lab, students are bringing their ideas to life by pulling their designs from a computer screen and creating a tangible object.

"The students are modeling and designing their sketches in auto desk and then they load it on the computer and they push the print button and take it all the way from beginning to end," Brenda Howell said, OHS Lead the Way Engineering teacher.

The curriculum Project Lead the Way Introduction to Design taught students how to design 3D models using a computer program.

Their designs are then loaded into the 3D printer and students watch their ideas take shape right before their eyes.

"It's a really big privilege not a lot of students get the opportunity to have a three d printer an see what it can do like we do," Rosaria Thomas stated, OHS senior.

A handful of Alabama schools use 3D printers in class, however very few have such a sophisticated setup.

OHS has partnered with Baxter, a local manufacture of dialysis equipment.

Baxter will use the 3D printer to create parts for their dialysis machines and students get to see how 3D printing is used in a real life business setting.

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