Recording police activity with your cell phone

Recording police activity with your cell phone


The latest officer-involved shooting has people all over the country talking; specifically, how cell phone video has impacted this case.

Michael Slage, now a former South Carolina police officer, is revealed in cell phone video allegedly shooting an unarmed black man multiple times, killing him. 

The mayor of North Charleston thanked the person who came forward with the video saying without it would be difficult to know exactly what happened, and the victim's brother says that video changed everything.

Randy Robertson, the President of the Columbus Fraternal Order of Police, says you have the right to shoot video as long as you're on public property and not in harm's way. 

"Sometimes when a law enforcement officer is dealing with a citizen one-on-one and someone tries to get to close to the action and sometimes that can be a distraction to the officer or the person being arrested," Robertson said. 

Robertson says this can lead to an obstruction charge. 

"As long as citizens stay back at a safe distance, there is no problem with them recording whatever law enforcement officers do in public," Robertson said. 

If Michael Slager is convicted he could be sentenced to life in prison or death.

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