CPD urges individuals to avoid receiving counterfeit checks

CPD urges individuals to avoid receiving counterfeit checks

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) – The Columbus Police Department has noticed a trend in counterfeit checks being passed at a local business.

The manufacturers of these counterfeit checks are looking for individuals with valid identification and people who are willing to enter retail stores and banks to deposit or cash these checks.

Once the currency is obtained the individual will return a percentage of the profit to the manufacturer and keep the rest for their environment. Please be advised that participating in this illegal activity makes you just as guilty as the individual who manufactured the counterfeit check.

If this crime is committed, you will be left making restitution to the business as well as being charged criminally for your actions.

The best way to avoid being prosecuted for these crimes is to not cash or deposit any check provided to you from a third party.

In the past several months, individuals are also attempting to steal money orders that are being dropped off in night boxes at apartment complexes.

These individuals are retrieving these money orders out of the rent boxes and cashing them in other cities. Residences are cautioned about dropping forms of payment in drop boxes that are not completely secured.

CPD encourages individuals to make payments during normal business hours or establish another means of payment with your apartment complex management.

All of this is in addition to counterfeit money scams that have been frequent in the area.

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