Columbus personal trainers use fitness to tackle stress of being bullied

Columbus personal trainers use fitness to tackle stress of being bullied
Low self-esteem and anxiety are just two of the side effect kids getting bullied face, according to research from

That's why personal trainers at one Columbus YMCA hope to teach children that they can channel any stress, anger, or sense of powerlessness caused by bullying through physical activity. 
Depression and even suicidal thoughts can result from chronic bullying according to latest research on the issue. Studies also show children who are bullied show more signs of aggression or engage in dangerous behavior later in life - something Insane Fitness personal trainers and the YMCA in Columbus wants to prevent. 
"Being bullied on social media, and bullied by their peers, so what we're about at Insane Fitness is to let them know that your mind is the most powerful thing on your body," said Darius Miles, owner of Insane Fitness. 
"It's an outlet for the youth to, pretty much get stress off of them, and things that might be bothering them, instead of holding it in, or they can't voice it to their parents or their friends so fitness is a great lifestyle change," said Nettie Marie Bryant, personal trainer and fitness model.
It's why kids are switching up their after-school care routine.

"They bring a whole different aspect of fitness  to what we do at the YMCA," said Chris Bryant, YMCA program director. 
Personal trainers led group fitness exercises to show kids they can get negative feelings caused by bullying out in a healthy way.
"Youth, they seem to channel their anger in different ways, if they're bullied they might bully someone else or they might act out at home, whereas when we teach them about health and fitness, and actually doing movements to let their aggression out, it will really help them," Bryant said.    
YMCA administrators say this is the first year they've hosted this event, but they will continue to do so in the future.

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