It's getting 'Hot in Here': Parents upset about risqué performance at A-Day concert

It's getting 'Hot in Here': Parents upset about risqué performance at A-Day concert

AUBURN, AL (WTVM) - At least two Auburn City Council members have apologized following Saturday's downtown concert featuring Kesha, Nick Jonas, and Nelly.

Mayor Bill Ham says the city and Auburn received numerous complaints from upset parents, saying the concert – which was billed as family event – was laced with profanity and explicit talk of sex and drugs.

Bikini wearing backup dancers grinded on Kesha during her song "Take It Off," which she performed Saturday night in Downtown Auburn.

Auburn father Dave Potts knows Kesha's music and decided take his 12 and 13-year-old daughters to the concert.

However, the family left early after realizing it was not edgy radio-edit performances. He was disgusted by the profanity and vulgarity.

"Things she was saying, in between the songs, we had no reason to think that was going to happen," Dave said. "A lot of people are saying 'well as parents you should have known not to take your children there.' Well fine, even if it was just for 21 and older, it's still not okay to have that in Downtown Auburn."

"I had friends who were leaving dinner in downtown Auburn, not even at the concert and were horrified at what their children were hearing walking to their car," added Lara Potts.

Auburn City Schools confirmed they sent a flyer home with K-12 students advertising the A-Day concert as a family event. Superintendent Dr. Karen DeLano has sent an email to parents, apologizing for sending the flyer home.

Meanwhile, Auburn Council member Beth Witten says she took her children, but left shocked.

"As both a mother and a member of the Auburn City Council, I would like to express my sincerest apologies to the Auburn community in regards to the inappropriate performances," Witten said. "Unfortunately, I cannot undo what has already been done, but I can guarantee to not make the same mistake twice."

The concert was organized by AU students with the University Program Council, but the concert was held in Downtown Auburn with a city-issued permit.

Many city leaders say they did not know who the artists would be when citizens complained about concert during Tuesday night's council meeting.

"There were quite a few people who did like the entertainment; however I am certain we are going to use more scrutiny in the future," said Auburn City Manager Charlie Duggan.

"I believe the city council is horrified by what happened they recognized they dropped the ball and will make sure it doesn't happen again," Lara said.

Auburn University released a statement saying they received less than 25 complaints about the show. Students with the University Program Council - who selected the singers - will use the concerns and opinions of others to help ensure future acts appeal to more of the Auburn Family.

We're told there was not a profanity clause in the contracts that the University Program Council signed with the performers. The contract did however state the show must be a PG-13 rating.

Parents say it was not PG-13, and the concert should have been a ticketed event at Auburn Arena, not an open air concert on city property for all to hear.

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