BE THERE: Korean graduate overcomes language barriers to excel

BE THERE: Korean graduate overcomes language barriers to excel

COLUMBUS, GA - (WTVM) More than 2000 graduates are preparing to receive their high school diplomas after completing the required courses in Muscogee County for 2015.

During practice runs at the Columbus Civic Center on Wednesday, we caught up with a Korean student who conquered the odds.

Minyoung Jang is among the top five in her graduating class at Shaw High School.

"I'm excited to walk across the stage because I've been through huge struggles since I came here," said Jang.

It's an unbelievable, yet amazing accomplishment.  Four years ago, when Minyoung was in the eighth grade, the Korean company her dad worked for, relocated him to the United States.

The new assignment landed them in Columbus, Georgia.  The move brought new challenges for Minyoung as she spoke very little English.

"It was very hard, sometimes I had to stay up all night to translate the notes and get an A on the test," Jang said.

For Minyoung Jang, the A's didn't come right away.  By the time she entered the ninth grade, her perseverance and dedication to hard work had paid off.

She's graduating with honors as a straight A student.

"I am going back to Korea to go to college and I'm going to be in the education field," she said.

Jang's extended family in Korea, along with the world can watch her and the other graduates walk across the stage through WTVM'S live stream at

with the hashtag: #Betheregrads2015.

The WTVM live stream starts Friday at 7 p.m. with the Early College Academy's graduation.

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