Jury selection continues in Steve Toms murder trial

Jury selection continues in Steve Toms murder trial

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - The fate of two men, one accused of murdering beloved jewelry store manager Steve Toms, inches closer to the hands of a jury as the trial continued Wednesday morning.

The tenth floor at the Columbus Government Center was packed once again with potential jurors as the selection continued.

Attorneys spent the day questioning 70 people as they work to narrow that down to a group of 12.

They say they are looking for a jury pool that will be un-biased and fair.

Michael Johnson and co-defendant Dimitrius are the only two defendants left to stand trial, as four of six suspects have plead guilty.

Johnson faces murder charges, and both men face charges for what prosecutors say is their involvement in a string of armed robberies.

WTVM will be in the courtroom as the trial continues and bring you the key points in opening statements as soon as they begin.

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