TRIAL CONTINUES: Emotional testimonies from women held at gun-point

TRIAL CONTINUES: Emotional testimonies from women held at gun-point

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Finger prints and crime scene analysis were big talkers Friday as the trial for a Columbus murder and armed robbery spree continued.

An emotional testimony came from one woman who testified from her phone through Skype.

She says she was a customer at the Diamond Exchange when it was robbed, and tears started rolling down her face as she remembered that day in 2012.

The witness described how she and two other women were held at gun point.

The defense asked if she would be able to identify the robbers if she saw them now, to which she answered "no."

The other two women held at gunpoint in the Diamond Exchange robbery were employees at the time, and took the stand on Thursday describing the event. One woman detailed how the burglars bound her hands behind her back with a zip-tie.

The state is working to prove that defendants Dimitrius Gordon and Michael Johnson were involved in multiple armed robberies, as well as Johnson' alleged involvement in the murder of the beloved jewelry store manager Steve Toms.

Columbus Police Department officers and investigators took the stand this afternoon describing how there weren't any foot prints, dropped weapons, tire markings or finger prints found at the Diamond Exchange crime scene

A car was also found in Phenix City that prosecutors believe was used in one of the robberies. Investigators testified Friday that the tags on that car were stolen and a hand gun was found inside it.

News Leader 9 will be back in the courtroom on Monday as the trial continues.

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