Debate continues over Confederate flag

Debate continues over Confederate flag

(WTVM) - South Carolina's decision to remove the Confederate flag from their capital grounds has ignited a firestorm of debate.

Many are at odds over the flag's symbolic nature.

News Leader 9 visited a local museum in Columbus that houses a confederate flag exhibit to learn more.

Some Americans view it as a symbol of nobility and tradition, while others view it as a reminder of the oppression their ancestors faced.

There are different versions of the Confederate Flag from different time periods that people can identify with, but it's the battle flag with the big blue 'X' that is widely recognized as being a symbol of racism and hate.

"The battle flag means different things to different people and anybody's interpretation of that symbol is certainly their own and is certainly a legitimate position of pride a position of hate," said Jeff Seymour, historian at the National Civil War Naval Museum. "So it depends on how you use that symbol."

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