Judge says he will continue holding wedding ceremonies for all

Judge says he will continue holding wedding ceremonies for all


Probate Judge, Marc D'Antonio,  says same-sex couples have been calling all day on Friday, wondering if they can now get married in Columbus.

That answer is now, "Yes."

"I started crying, I was just happy," said Pastor Colley Williams as unexpected and emotional news greeted him this morning.

For Williams, life is all about serving the lord and being there for his partner Danny and their dog Ruby.

"The bible says who so ever shall call on him, the name of the lord, shall be saved in Ex. 2-21," Williams said.

With new legislation, Williams and his partner Danny Davenport will soon be married not only in the eyes of their church, but also the state of Georgia.

"I took an oath to follow the United States Constitution, the U.S. Supreme Court is the interpreter of the Constitution, and their rulings are the law of the land, as a judge I'm going to follow the law," said Judge D'Antonio.

Judge D'Antonio issues marriage licenses and performs ceremonies in the Muscogee County Probate Court.

He tells us no judge is required to perform weddings, only issue licenses. If a judge does decided to perform weddings, they must legally do them for everyone.

Judge D'Antonio explained that he will do both.

"We're a military town, there's an awful lot of folks from, service members at Fort Benning that need to get married pretty quickly before they PCS somewhere, or deploy to Afghanistan, and I'm not going to turn down military folks from getting married, so I'm not going to turn down anyone from getting married," he said.

This ruling won't change things for many in the bible belt South. Many churches across the area say they will continue traditional marriage ceremonies in their churches.

"We have our principles in which we stand that comes from the bible, which we take as our mandating or governing authority, that marriage is between man and wife," said Pastor Adrian Chester of the Greater Beallwood Baptist Church.

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