Travel safety statistics and tips

Travel safety statistics and tips

(WTVM) - Millions are expected to be taking road trips this weekend for the Fourth of July holiday and AAA is predicting that close to 42 million Americans will be on the road, the most since 2007.

In the state of Georgia, a little more than one million people are expected to hit the roads and skies for the holiday weekend.

According to AAA, an estimated one million people will travel for the fourth of July by car, more than 89,000 will fly and more than 69,000 will travel other ways.

The Georgia Department of Transportation reports 643 roadway related fatalities have already occurred this year.

With Independence Day being the most popular time for road trips, it is especially important for drivers to keep safety a priority.

We spoke with the general manager at Whites Automotive on Friday afternoon, who said there are a few things that people can do to prevent break downs.

First he suggests drivers take their car in for a 21-point inspection. Mechanics typically check hoses, fluids, and your tire pressure during this inspection. If there is anything wrong they would probably catch it before you get on the road.

If you don't have time to take it in to the shop, he says check the basics.

Start with your tires, make sure you have a spare and the tools to change it.

Make sure you have jumper cables and finally, check your fluids and your coolant so that your car doesn't overheat.

As you are loading up your trunk with your luggage, and grabbing your portable DVD players for your road trip, make sure that you check your fluids, your windshield wipers and your tires.

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