Longtime grocery store Millie's Market closing soon

Longtime grocery store Millie's Market closing soon

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - A longtime grocery store in Columbus is closing its doors soon.

Millie's International Market has been on South Lumpkin Road for the last 20 years, serving the growing Hispanic population and many other customers.

Owners Harold and Millie Encarnacion, who opened the store after moving from New York to Columbus, say their business has been a big part of the Latino community and the annual festival in the bi-city area.

Recently, Harold has been diagnosed with heart and liver problems, so the couple says it's time to close the business, plus they have a 12-year-old son who needs help at home.

"After 20 years, all my customers they become like part of our  family and I want to thank everybody," Millie Encarnacion said while trying to hold back tears.

Millie's International Market is closed this holiday weekend and will reopen Monday. They don't have a set date yet of when the store will close permanently.

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