The owner of a deadly pitt bull dog is in jail, and he has been charged with manslaughter. Police say the dog attacked and killed 70-year old Barbara Pilkington of Lanett in early February.

It was a quiet day on South Eighth Street nearly two weeks ago. That is until a vicious pit bull attacked and killed Pilkington. The dog's owner, 54-year-old Billy Earl Marbury, was arrested Wednesday afternoon.

"The manslaughter charge stems from Mr. Marbury being the owner of the pit bull that was involved in the fatal attack," said Chief Ron Docimo, Lanett Police Department.

According to Docimo, there has been no previous complaints of the dog being vicious. However, after talking to Marbury and people who live around him, police took him into custody.

"During the investigation, several neighbors complained to Detective Shiver that the dog had been and was being physically abused," said Docimo.

If an owner has contributed to a dog's vicious behavior, that's when they can be charged. Officials say Lanett will now look into possibly banning certain breeds of dogs inside city limits.

The unfortunate event in Lanett has caused Valley to look at at their own dog ordinances, and they will soon be discussed.

"It's our position that vicious dogs are not welcome in a community. Those are better confined to rural areas, or other types of settings besides neighborhoods," said Chief Tim Bryan, Valley Police Department.

A special meeting of Valley's Public Safety Advisory Committee will take place at City Hall Thursday night.  Members of Pilkington's family are scheduled to attend.  Some breeds could be banned inside city limits.

--Written by: Brock Parker