Columbus family forgives early July hit-and-run driver; suspect captured Friday

Columbus family forgives early July hit-and-run driver; suspect captured Friday

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Forgiveness and hope filled one mother's heart, as her daughter continues to battle severe injuries following an early July hit and run accident. The man officials say is responsible is now in custody for the crime, following his arrest just this weekend.

"God is holding Asia, just like he holds all of us, but now with Asia we need a special touch," said Pastor Kevin Moore.

Moore and family members of Asia Hoskins say hope and faith are guiding them through this dark time after an early July hit and run accident left Hoskins in critical condition, with severe brain injuries.

"We really do need a miracle to take place," said Moore.

"It could be any one of us that's experiencing this at any time," said Valerie Ghant, Hoskins' mother.

Officials say they arrested William Tarver Saturday on charges related to the accident. Tarver was allegedly speed-racing on Lawyers Lane in Columbus when his car hit Hoskins. Officials say Tarver had been hiding out in the Valley since the accident.

"The hit and runs that have happened, to me it just exemplifies the callousness of some of the criminal elements in the city," said Lamont Ruffin with the U.S. Marshals office.  

"To see your child and there's nothing you can do, to make it better, change it, or fix it," said Ghant.

Ghant explains that her daughter is facing an almost $100,000 rehabilitation program as a part of her recovery. While she says she doesn't celebrate Tarver's capture, she does feel it is a step towards justice for Asia.

"I would never want to rejoice in anyone's adversity," she said. "If I wanted Mr. Tarver to know anything it would be, and it's hard to do this, but I forgive you for your reckless lifestyle because I have to to move on from this," said Ghant.

Family members tell us you can help with medical expenses by donating to the Asia Hoskins WellsFargo fund or through their GoFundMe page.

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