Hundreds absent on first day of school

Hundreds absent on first day of school

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - For most students in Muscogee County it's the first day of school, but for many it's a day they won't see the inside of a classroom.

Hundreds of parents descended on the Public Education Center Monday trying to register their children for school. A spokesman for the Muscogee County school district said they are missing a very valuable day.
The first day of school involves getting familiar with teachers and classmates, teachers explaining expectations and handing out curriculum along with assignments. Students who miss the first day are at a disadvantage and begin with a blemish on their attendance record.

Parents waiting in lines or seated in the school board auditorium haven't verified, registered, didn't complete an affidavit, or are new to the district.
Valerie Fuller, Communications Director for the Muscogee County School District says bringing the right information is crucial.
"We don't have assignment to a class. We don't have an assignment for a bus route or able to give out bus passes. It's like a domino effect. So, we encourage parents to make sure they have the proper documentation when they do come to register, that's the most important thing," said Fuller.

Documents parents may need include two proofs of residency such as a utility bill and a lease or mortgage agreement. Parents may also need the child's
birth certificate and social security card. If signing an affidavit, all parties must be present.
Parents with returning students who missed orientation and need to verify their children should go directly to the school. Parents with children who are new to the district, moved since May, or need to complete an affidavit for the first time should go to the Public Education Center.
School officials expect delays over the next couple of weeks.

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