Columbus woman frustrated with sewage in apartment bathroom

Columbus woman frustrated with sewage in apartment bathroom

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - A Columbus woman says her family was moved out of their apartment due to toxic waste contaminating her bathroom.

Raylemeisha Williams first moved into Northgate Village Apartments two years ago, but says her plumbing issues didn't start until July when she transferred to a new unit.

Williams says she would hear gurgling and see water bubbling in her sink. Maintenance always responded to her work orders, but the problems would always come back.

"It became a consistent situation," Williams said.

On Aug. 8, this bodily fluids and food from other apartments filled her bathtub and sink.

"Me and my family have to go search for places to go use the restroom, can't bathe, now we are feeling like we can't even, you know, not even safe to even drink the water here," Williams said. "We smelled a stench and pulled the curtain back... now our bathtub is full of toxic sewage water."

Latoria Baker, the property manager says she's doing everything she can to get it fixed.

"We had a problem with this last week, and we had a plumber come out and fix the problem. We called service masters out to go in the units and get everything cleaned up. After Roto-Rooter left, we received a call this weekend that the problem was coming up again, and that's when I felt it was best to just move the residents to a hotel." Baker said.

Columbus Housing Authority officials say landlords are not required by law to pay for hotel accommodations. The city property maintenance inspector says landlords have 45 days to fix issues unless it's hazardous.

In this case, they have 48 hours to take action.

Williams was told she could return home Thursday afternoon and says although the plumbing seems to be fixed, she's worried the apartment was not cleaned properly and is still contaminated.

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