Phenix City man charged in fatal car wreck gets bond

Phenix City man charged in fatal car wreck gets bond

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - The Phenix City man involved in a fatal car crash on April 28 made his first court appearance in Columbus on Tuesday.

Police arrested the driver, Tommy Lee Church, 62, on Aug. 16 and charged home with vehicular homicide.

During his recorder's court appearance, Church pled not guilty to the second-degree charge; the judge set Church's bond at $5,000 and bound it case over to state court.

Columbus Police testified in Court that prior to the accident Church had just finished a 12-hour shift at Kellogg Plant on Victory Drive.

Gilbert's two sons where in court were also in court on Tuesday. The family did not speak to News Leader 9, but said the family's attorney would email a statement on Tuesday's proceedings.

The crash happened on April 28 on Victory Drive and began when a pickup truck, driven by Church, rear-ended an SUV and knocked it into oncoming traffic.

The SUV collided with a van, which caused a chain reaction when a tractor trailer hit both cars followed by another car.

Betty Acosta and Michael Edmond Gilbert, Sr. were sent to the hospital following the accident. On June 30, Gilbert passed away as a result of his injuries from the crash.

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