Columbus City Manager sends concern to bicyclist hit by city vehicle

Columbus City Manager sends concern to bicyclist hit by city vehicle

Columbus, GA (WTVM) – The Attorney of a Columbus man hit by a city vehicle says his injuries are more severe than previously reported.

The victim's attorney, Katonga Wright says he had to have several stitches to reattach his ear on August 21 after he was hit by a city vehicle on 13th Street and Munro Avenue.

"He saw the vehicle stop and felt that he was safe to keep going," said Wright.

Wright says her client had the right of way as he was biking down 13th street towards Lake Bottom Park before he was struck by Dennis Thompson, a city employee of the Traffic Engineering Department.

Wright says the police report may not have provided the details about her client's injuries because he was taken to the hospital before police arrived to the scene of the accident.

"The report we received was that the injuries were minor and now that we find out that the injuries are more severe than what was previously reported we want to express our concern, our care," said Columbus City Manager Isaiah Hugley.

"We regret that there was an accident but we have to go through our process," Hugley said.

He sayid that the City's process requires an investigation separate from the Police's. Hugley expects the investigation to be completed shortly after the September 23 court hearing.

Thompson, the city employee, was cited for a stop sign violation even though the Police report says that he made a complete stop at the stop sign.

In light of the accident happening on a street that doesn't have bike lanes, the city manager says they are working with several different organizations to improve connectivity for bikers by adding more bike lanes. That includes an agreement with PATH, which would connect over 27 miles near the river and local bike trails if approved.

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