CPD corporal hangs up his hat after 47 years of service

CPD corporal hangs up his hat after 47 years of service

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Corporal Bruce Robinson turned over a new leaf on Monday when he officially retired from the Columbus Police Department.  

The decision to retire came after 47 years on the job.

While it's been a wonderful career, Robinson said it's also been stressful at time. He recalled a daring incident back in 1984. "It ended up, there was a lady being raped and I ended up going in the house and interrupted the actual rape and the guy shot at me."
The bullet missed his head by only two inches.

It's a job he always wanted to do, inspired by his late father and brother who also wore the badge. He acknowledges there's a big difference in the job now compared to then.

"The kids respected us more then, I think it was more family values."
Robinson joined the force in 1968. He worked in patrol before moving to the motor squad division where he supervised the school crossing guards. He loves to train recruits and plans to keep it up during his golden years.

"I've been doing shooting competitions for the last 30 years and I've made the Governor's 20 for the top 20 shooters for the last 28."

His longtime co-workers say his experience and strength will be hard to replace.

"One thing that's significant is a member of the Robinson family in law enforcement for 78 years in this community...that era comes to an end today," stated Major J.D. Hawk.

Hawk said he even tried to pass out applications to some of the Robinson family members to keep that tradition going.

Bruce Robinson always greeted people with a smile and he will certainly be missed.

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