Russell Co. D.A. now longest serving in Alabama

Russell Co. D.A. now longest serving in Alabama

RUSSELL COUNTY, AL (WTVM) - Potential cutbacks to state agencies are nothing new to a local elected official who has served east Alabama for more than three decades.

Russell County District Attorney Kenneth Davis announced Monday that he will be running for a sixth term this next election cycle, making him the state's longest serving D.A.

Davis has served as Russell County D.A. for 32 years and says he's seen the county's judicial system cut by at least 40 percent over the past seven years.

Despite the cutbacks, Davis says his experience has helped the D.A.'s office make the best of a bad situation.

"One thing is my experience has meant that I have received over $300,000 in the last seven years because of my experience and my facility with other D.A.'s in the state of Alabama and the office of prosecution services I have gotten $300,000 that has kept my office going," Davis said.

Davis said the cutbacks have forced his office to be more selective about the cases that get indicted and that cases have taken longer to go to trial.

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