Dog protects friend until rescued in WA state woods

Dog protects friend until rescued in WA state woods
(Source: Vashon Island Pet Protectors)
(Source: Vashon Island Pet Protectors)

(WTVM) – Loyalty - it's what most people want in a friend, perhaps even in a dog.

Two doggy-friends were found safe after almost a week of being lost in the Washington area.

A nonprofit group, Vashon Island Pet Protectors, posted on Facebook saying, "Dogs still missing, Phoebe [basset hound] and Tillie [setter] have now been missing for five days and we need your help." The post continued to say that the two dogs were most likely stuck in a building or over a slope.

The Vashon Island Pet Protector volunteers received a tip about two "reddish" dogs in the area near a ravine.

Once they went out looking for Phoebe and Tillie sure enough after calling out "Tillie" they heard a small "whoof." Minutes later Tillie was found lying beside an old cistern with her head resting on the concrete wall.

They even found Phoebe inside the cistern, but luckily she was perched on some concrete rubble that held her out of the water. Tillie stayed by her bestie's side with the exception of a few minutes a day she went to look for help.

"We think this is an amazing story about Tillie being a true friend and heroine, but also about the importance of not giving up when searching for a lost pet," Amy Carey said with VIPP.

Carey also wants to remind people when they are trying to find a missing dog to pay attention to even the smallest clues.

Thanks to a tip from a community member and VIPP volunteers, Phoebe and Tillie were found safe.

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