2 suspects sought in shooting of Macon County man

2 suspects sought in shooting of Macon County man

MACON COUNTY, GA (WTVM) - Investigators are fanning out over Lee and Macon County on the hunt for two men suspected of shooting a victim not once, but twice in five days.

Officials say the victim was shot for the second time by the suspects in Macon County but managed to drive to Auburn, where he pulled over for help.

The victim's red SUV was riddled with bullet holes as it was towed away from the Auburn Hampton Inn off exit 51.

Detectives believe the unidentified driver was shot at an abandoned store in Macon County at 9:30 a.m. Wednesday and was trying to get to EAMC in Lee County when a flat tire forced him to pull over and call for help.

"Our investigators spoke to the victim at the hospital and he told us he had previously been shot Saturday by the same suspect twice," explained Macon County Sheriff Andre Brunson.

No weapons were found in the SUV, although a friend who was with the victim when he got shot and was going with him to the hospital was arrested at the scene for possession of prescription drugs.

"They said the were just out talking and this vehicle rolled up and started shooting I don't know how true that is, if we are getting all the info, I don't think we are getting all the info," said Sheriff Brunson.

The victim is expected to recover after being shot for the second time in five days. Now, the search is on for the gunman and his friend and while the shooting appears to be targeted, investigators are urging the public to be vigilant.

"Anytime you have a person with a gun willing to shoot someone and shot them out in the open day light, yes I would be alarmed," said Brunson.

Sheriff Brunson says investigators know the two men they are looking for, but are not releasing their names at this time.

He expects to release more information involving the case soon. He says two shootings, one from Wednesday and one on Saturday, could be related to a robbery last week.

Sheriff Brunson says it's possible the shooting suspects think the victims robbed them, and the shootings may be a form of retaliation.
We will keep you updated on any new developments.

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