Parents upset after they were told school lockdown was a drill

Parents upset after they were told school lockdown was a drill

RUSSELL COUNTY, AL (WTVM) - Parents of students at Russell County High School are speaking out after an emergency lockdown Tuesday afternoon.

Russell County Sheriff Heath Taylor confirmed one teen was arrested after .22 Caliber revolver on school property.

"When I called there they lied to me and said it was a drill," says Valentina Newman, mother of a sophomore at Russell County High School.

An emergency lockdown was ordered after the Sheriff confirmed a student from another school sent a text to a student at Russell County that "something was going to happen."

Newman was not the only concerned parent. Christine Milstead says she has two students at Russell County High School and after she heard about the lockdown on the news, she immediately called the school.

"We didn't have any information. Everything that we got was not necessarily the truth. They said that it was a drill. They didn't say that it was something that was actually happening," said Milstead.

Since Sheriff Taylor confirmed the lockdown, Milstead and Newman are wondering why they were told that it was only a drill.

We called the principal at Russell High to ask him why this information was given out to parents, but he did not answer and has not yet returned our call.

Newman says her bigger concern is why her daughter received three days of detention for sending a text message to her mother during the lockdown.

"I feel like she shouldn't be punished. When an emergency happens and you have children, you want to make sure they are okay. If it was their loved ones calling and texting they would reply," says Newman.

Despite Newman and Milstead's complaints, Amber Livingston says her son attends Russell County High School and she was pleased with the way everything was handled.

"I think the faculty and the staff and Mr. Morrison our resource officer did a very fine job," said Milstead.

The Russell County Sheriff's office says they believe the student stole the revolver from his father's gun collection.

Russell County High School students returned to their normal schedules on Wednesday.

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