Crawford boy breaks jaw in ATV accident

Crawford boy breaks jaw in ATV accident

CRAWFORD, AL (WTVM) - David Plott, a Crawford father, thanked a helmet for saving his son's life after a critical four wheeler accident on Sunday.

"He knows to wear his helmet and be cautious, but that day he just took it for granted and wasn't watching where he was going," Plott said.

Plott said it was a typical Sunday and after coming home from church their 9-year-old son Mike wanted to ride his ATV, or 4 wheeler.

They have a few acres in their backyard and Mike has been riding in this area for years. However, everything changed in a matter of a few seconds.

Little Mike was seriously injured after he ran into a dog runner or an elevated cable between two poles, pulling his whole body off the vehicle.

"So we rushed down there and his face was all disfigured and teeth were messed up and he was crying from the pain," he said.

At that point Plott picked his son up and took him to the dentist.

"We took him to a dentist thinking we can straighten his teeth out, but the dentist said it wasn't his teeth, but his upper jaw was broken," Plott said.

Although it was a painful injury, Plott said things could have been a whole lot worse had his son not been being wearing a helmet.

The family took Mike to Saint Francis but they referred him to Emory in Atlanta.

"He's better now that his jaw is wired shut but he's ready to come home," Plott said.

The family is now waiting to hear from the doctors on whether or not Mike can come home.

If you want to help with medical expenses, you can drop off donations to Anytime Fitness in Ladonia on Highway 80, where Plott exercises at.

Also, for the next month the gym will donate a portion of the proceeds from store sales on things like supplements and tanning supplies for medical expenses.

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